bows by William G Johnston

Apprenticed to Broadwoods the piano makers, and became an expert on veneers. Recommended by William Napier who was also formerly of Broadwoods and joined the case making department in 1894. Moved on to bow making at the turn of the century. Switched back to cases for ten years and then finally settled back with bows.

He eventually became workshop manager in 1930 at the age of seventy, he retired in 1939.

Pre 1904 his bows for Hill were marked with downward nicks in the head mortice.

W E HILL & SONS, violin bow by William Johnson c1900

Violin bow, stamped W E Hill and Sons, c1900 by William Johnson, weight 58.5g

W E HILL & SONS, violin bow by William G Johnston c1905

Violin Bow, Stamped W E HILL & SONS Tortoise Shell frog by William G.Johnston c1905, weight 60g

W E HILL & SONS, cello bow by William G Johnson, c1920

Cello bow, stamped W.E Hill & Sons, c1920 by William G. Johnson, weight 75.6g

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